Welcome to Clinton Day Music. This is my music site, and it also contains my personal sites of travel, friends and family.
Clinton Avenue Studios
Clinton Avenue Studios is your source for digital multi-track audio recording and mastering in a small yet powerful and efficient home studio setting.
Professional audio outboard, microphones, digital plug-ins, mixing and computers. Pro Tools 20 year expert.
60$/hour, references available.
MoodSwing "Laughing All the Way"
MoodSwing is a vocal jazz quartet from the Bay Area that I sing tenor in. This is our first CD, a Christmas CD featuring original arrangements by me, Michelle Hawkins and Greg Murai. See the site for bio's, listen to some samples.
My much beloved big brother Nick died in 2008. This site is an on-going memorial to him, with lots of pictures and audio of a tribute song written in his memory.